Marc Jacobs Quilted Stam at Ivy Boutique

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Gem features one standout piece from a local shop. Whether it's a jacket, necklace, or handbag, it's on our have-to-have list.

What: The Stam is one of Marc Jacobs signature (and most covetable) handbags, named for Canadian supermodel Jessica Stam, who plays muse to photographer Steven Meisel and and credits Miu Miu with launching her career. We spotted a barely used, bright red and quilted incarnation of the carryall while poking around at a resale shop in Tempe that was packed with designer finds.

Where: Ivy Boutique

Cost: $599

Marc Jacobs Quilted Stam at Ivy Boutique
Style It:

With a blue stripe pencil skirt from J. Crew and a Sonya Rykiel T-shirt embellished with lips and an eyeshadowed brooch serving as a delicate, girly canvas for the big, bright bag. Peg on a pair velvet-flocked suede leopard print Bloch flats and a Lanvin enamel and crystal heart charm necklace to complete the look.

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