Super Bowl XLV: The Valley's Hometown Bars for Steelers and Packers Fans

It's that time of year again: Football fans are flocking to electronic stores around the Valley to pick up the largest HDTV for the Big Game. But if you want to save yourself a few bucks, dishes and lonely victory dances this Sunday, check out a few of these local bars where you can kick back a few pints and scream at the television in the happy company of like-minded football fans.

Steelers fans can find a spot to watch the game at Scottsdale's American Junkie. The interior boasts a sports bar like feel and plenty of televisions. There will be plenty of eats and plenty of beer to keep you fed and happy until well in to the second half. 

Steelers fans can also find a hometown haven in the Sugar Shack. The Scottsdale bar boasts tons of televisions, great food and cheap drinks. They even have beer pong tables to pass the time during commercials and halftime, but show up early to lay claim to a table. 

Dos Gringos in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale is a well-traveled Packers hangout. The Green Bay home base has plenty of patio space for rowdy fans and tons of televisions for watching the game. And everyone knows that the best thing to drink while watching a football game is shots of tequila.

Casey Jones Grill in Phoenix is a self proclaimed Green Bay Packers headquarters. There will almost assuredly be be game day food and drink specials for the hungry Cheeseheads that will pack the place on Sunday.

And so Sunday is it: The ultimate showdown. If you're in for an adventure head up to Cave Creek on Sunday and take your place at either Harold's Corral if you're a Steelers fan, or the Buffalo Chip Saloon if you're rooting for the Packers. These two bars are right across the parking lot from each other so expect plenty of cross parking lot cheering and jeering.

If you're not sure who to cheer for, check your likelihood of being a Packers fan and or Steelers fan (both on Valley Fever) before the big game.

Happy Super Bowl!

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Tyler Hughes