The Heartbreak Kid

As hard as we try to forget our childhood, the human memory, once triggered, can overpower our best efforts. For example, some jerk in your office decides to watch the Lite-Brite commercial on YouTube and you suddenly have a flashback: 6-year-old you – wearing knee-high tube socks and a C-3PO T-shirt – spinning around in circles while Dad watches football. You trip over your Lite-Brite and knock over a full can of Pabst on the lime-green carpet. Yup, you got the belt for that one. It stings just thinking about it.

“In the Artist’s Studio: The Paintings of Jeffrey Gold” is an exhibit of work that’s strangely cathartic for those suffering from nagging childhood memories. The best example is a work that depicts a class photo, model airplane, and a handful of school pencils atop a mediocre report card. Like it or not, these realistic paintings, which carefully display arranged childhood objects, will definitely help you revisit those “simpler” times.

Tuesdays-Sundays. Starts: Feb. 29. Continues through May 18, 2008
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Lilia Menconi
Contact: Lilia Menconi