'06 Pandemic Poll - the average listener installment

Since this

Pandemic Poll

thing is meant to be democratic, we even let your ordinary average music fan throw in their two cents about what transpired in 2006. This submission is from a guy named Joe Soares, and I have to say, he's pretty goddamn correct about what's overrated in this town. Here it is:

the VIRGINS/ I DONT GIVE A FUCK- one turned into the other and everything just got crazier. falling apart at the seams chaos. most of my favorite shows of the year have had one version or the other play them.

GEORGE MOSHINGTON-hardcore doesnt need to be serious to be great. no one has more fun then these guys when they are on.

LANDMINE MARATHON-metal/grind that falls more on the metal side than i usually like, but they are just too good for me to complain.

the PHIX-best venue in town. everyone that has been there better appreciate it while we still have it around. Lee is the man.

seeing CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE twice in two weeks time. i dont care if they are not from phoenix. probably the best two nights of the year for me. just unbelievable live.

obviously, i lean toward the diy stuff in town. hope its not too biased. my name is joe, and im not really involved in anything right now due to being a lazy jackass, ive been involved in the phoenix scene for about 8 years now. just some context.

endnote: JOB FOR A COWBOY:most overrated thing in town. easily. except maybe AUTHORITY ZERO. blech!


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