Master P Announces Partnership With Arizona Hip-Hop Festival

The Arizona Hip-Hop Festival really did absolutely everything right in regard to growing the second annual gathering of mostly Copper State-based rhymers. This year’s promotion seems more streamlined than last year's, including a sleek round of individual fliers for each act. The lineup was even bigger, and it partnered with No Limit Global to help make it easily the biggest annual hip-hop festival in the state. 

So not only will No Limit founder and platinum-selling rapper Master P appear at the show, but his company is now in a partnership with Respect the Underground, to make this a completely ridiculous yearly hip-hop summit.

“No Limit Global and Respect the Underground made a deal to bring the Arizona Hip-Hop Festival to another level. Bigger acts, while still being a celebration of the underdog and more chances to bring in local rappers. This is just the beginning,” Master P says. “I feel like Phoenix is a big untapped market for hip-hop, and I want to find the next generation of big-time rappers and I want to see the way they perform and see if they believe in themselves.”

P. went on to say that though he wasn’t willing to name names, he had watched video of a few of the festival’s performers, and he has his eye on a few in particular. He’s also excited to see some of the acts he isn’t yet acquainted with as well.

His excitement to get a peek at the hip-hop talent in the Valley is coming from the fact that he isn’t just coming to lend a big name to Respect the Underground's effort. Percy Miller will host a seminar for young aspiring rappers. The mogul intends to use his appearance at the show to impart some of his wealth of industry knowledge to the up-and-comers with whom he will be sharing the stage for the big event. 

“The seminar is going to be about how to do your business, how to change your mindset, and how to understand the industry. It’s going to be about how to understand the industry and change yourself, and figuring out what your dreams and goals are and then how to accomplish them. How to invest in yourself,” says P. “I’m going to give them what they need to be an artist and a boss. It’s a lot of work and they need to be prepared, but I sold 75 million records and I came from nothing.”

On Friday, November 27, shortly after his upcoming date at Comerica Theatre, P. will release a new album, Master P.’s Empire. Then he will premiere his new family-based reality television series Family Empire on November 28 on the REELZ network.

“REELZ was the only place that allowed me to be myself. I didn’t have to change who I am or do a bunch of crazy stuff like a lot of other shows. We just have to be a family, and we couldn’t get that at any other network,” says P. “My life is the real-life Empire, only in the show they do it for money and power, I do it for my family. We are about helping people and giving back to people. There are a lot of similarities and I like the show, it’s entertaining. But Master P Family Empire show is going to be real life faith driven family, and that’s what I like.”

Correction, 11-13-2015, 12 p.m.: Master P is not actually performing music at the festival, so saying he would "headline" was misleading.
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