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Morning Light Rail Commuters Share Their Tunes With NewTimes

​These days, people are plugged in like The Matrix -- only they're plugged into their iPods, smart phones, and mp3 players rather than machines on an underground ship. Our detachment from the real world is never as obvious as when strangers are jumbled together in a public space.

And this especially holds true when it comes to public transportation.

Although you may be sitting elbow-to-elbow with a person on either side of you, a form of escapism lies within reach -- in your chosen soundtrack. And sometimes, folks are curious to know what their fellow passengers are listening to. So Up on the Sun rode the Light Rail from Phoenix to Tempe (and back) during Friday's morning commute, asking music listeners, "What song are you listening to?"

There was a huge variety in music taste as well as in the individual passenger portraits. Stay tuned for a list of suggested songs for the ride.

Teddy Saldivar (of Tempe)
Listening to: "The American Scream" by Alkaline Trio

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Kholood Eid
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