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Pavement Reunion Is For Real

The speculation broke last night that Pavement have announced a reunion set for 2010 via the fine folks at BrooklynVegan. Not wanting to fan the flames of a fire that has not yet started, they stayed relatively speculative about the whole thing, citing a lack of concrete dates the band had agreed to play. Well that was then and this is now: Stephen Malkmus and company have confirmed that they will be playing some dates in 2010, opening the door for a much anticipated Pavement reunion. You may commence peeing your pants now.

The band has confirmed a September 21, 2010 date at Central Park SummerStage, as reported by Pitchfork. All the wild speculation has come to rest and fans of the band can be at ease knowing there is finally a tangible date when they can see their beloved rockers -- even if that date is more than a year away.

Who knows what the band may do in the interim -- they most likely will tour, as any sane band would, and that tour may or may not include a date at Coachella, where they last played in 1999 as the band was slowly deteriorating. That particular set saw Malkmus refusing to sing, thus turning the whole thing into some glorified instrumental set. Despite all of that, I am sure Coachella would love to have them back as their marquee reunion/notable older act that they so ravenously crave every year.

Take a deep breath, Pavement fans, this reality is finally all too real. Pavement is finally back on the scene, and they will be playing shows sooner than you can say "Get a haircut and get a real job."

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Michael Lopez