Photos From the International Horror & Sci-fi Film Festival

Hard to believe the

International Horror & Sci-fi Film Festival

has terrorized the Valley for five years now. To our delight, the three-day affair returned to its original location this year, right in the heart of ASU student nightlife's portion of the Mill Avenue District. What once was Harkins Centerpoint Eleven is now

MADCAP Theaters

(a new venue for alternative films, theater and anything else local artisans want to rent it out for), a potentially lifesaving dose of oxygen in Mill's predominantly corporate dioxide atmosphere.

We crashed opening night to behold what types of infernal hellions would escape their fiery graves to meet Night of the Living Dead's Judith O'dea and compete in icansmellyourbrains.com's "Gore Girl" Death Pageant. Festival fashion did not disappoint, and we even found some moderately normal looking folks; the horror & sci-fi communities don't discriminate.

Check out our slide show for more gore.

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