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Police Women Of Maricopa County: Can't The Tourism Board Shut This Show Down?

Our Valley Fever blog told you about The Police Women of Maricopa County, the new TV program which, apparently, is mostly about spray-tanned chicks with guns getting holier-than-thou about motherhood. Since this is at least billed as entertainment -- I'd say it's more scary than entertaining though -- I'm going to share some thoughts here at Up On The Sun.

This is a disaster. For every tax-paying citizen of this county, at least. It's utter embarrassment, starting with cringe-worthy trailer already has some blond woman exclaiming that, "when the sun sets in Maricopa County it gets really nasty."

I'm not sure if anyone at the sheriff's office knows this, but tourism is a major industry here in Phoenix. Perhaps we need not seek out a public forum for calling ourselves nasty at night. I mean, I know "Nasty At Night" was briefly considered as a tagline for our license plates, but most folk I talk to prefer The Grand Canyon State. Maybe it's just me, but I'd prefer if our county employees refrained from depicting us "residents" as a bunch of filthy, snaggle-toothed desert rats just waiting for the chance to shoot a cop to protect our meth cooking operation.

Oh, yes, and just take a gander at the "Protecting A Child" segment featuring Kelly Bocardo.

Watch how Kelly yells "get out of the car" while blocking the guy's way out of the car and threatening to tazer him? Is this the sort of place you'd ever want to go? It's sort of hard to get out of a car when a big ol' copchop is blocking your door, shoving a taser in your face. It's clear this women -- who drones on and on about how she's a mother and cannot stand to see a convicted sex child molester father a child -- is being ridiculous here.

Later, in the trailer, we've also got a deputy saying that "I don't care what it takes, I'm coming home to my little girl in one piece."

I'm sure that's true but, personally, I'd prefer it if the cops my tax dollars are paying would say, "I don't care what it takes, I'm going to do my job and protect the citizens of this county and my fellow officers even if I have to take a bullet." Ya know, since it's her job and all. Obviously I have some weird ideas about law enforcement. And the constitution.

After watching this, I would never want to visit Arizona. I'm not even sure how people can live here while these idiots are running around with badges and I do live here. Disgusting.

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