Racing Fans to Get Dirty for a Cause at the Larry Beshaw Ride

The world of off-road racing has its share of hot shot drama, as we chronicled in our recent cover story on local trophy truck driver "Pistol" Pete Sohren. But the desert racing community can be close and charitable, too, especially in times of crisis.

To wit: The Larry Beshaw Ride set for Saturday, April 10 at Grinding Stone Sports Park.

Beshaw, along with his son Kyle, is a head sweep rider for Whiplash Motorsports, and has been involved with local dirt bike racing for decades. He also helps out at Canyon Motocross, and introduced many Valley fans to the sport of dirt bike racing.

Michelle Forster, who is helping to promote the Larry Beshaw Ride, says Beshaw's a generous legend. "When you walk in his house, you see so many trophies," she says. "I never thought I'd be on a dirt bike, and Larry took me out with his daughter, and when somebody gives you an opportunity like that..."

Forster trails off and breaks down crying. Beshaw has suffered with medical problems since December, when he was diagnosed with pneumonia. This year, he's had three surgeries to repair blockages in his heart, and he now has a pacemaker. All of the procedures have added up to a lot of financial weight on Beshaw.

So Forster and several local companies teamed up to put on the Larry Beshaw Ride. The event's wide range of sponsors includes United Distributing, Austin Michael Salon, North Valley Honda,, and the Point Hilton. Spinatos Pizzeria donated several pizzas for the event, which organizers will sell by the slice (100 percent of the proceeds will go toward Beshaw's medical costs and care).

There will also be raffles for items like gift certificates and dirt bike helmets, and an open pit race for bikes and quads from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., on Grinding Stone's massive outdoor tracks. The gate fees for the bike races are $25 for the Big Track, and $15 for the Pee Wee Track. A portion of the gate fees will also go toward the fundraiser.


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