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Shooting at Nipsey Hussle Concert in Tempe Last Night Injures 13 People. Suspects Still at Large

Violence and panic erupted outside of the Clubhouse Music Venue in Tempe last night as a fight between concertgoers at the Nipsey Hussle show escalated into a shooting that wounded 13 people.

According to multiple messages on Twitter and statements from Tempe Police Department officials to the media, the shooting took place on Friday evening before midnight in the parking lot outside of the music venue during the hip-hop show.

Two of the 13 people injured from gunfire were transported to nearby hospitals in serious condition.

Per Tempe PD's Sergeant Steve Carbajal, two unidentified African-American men who fled the scene are being sought as suspects.

Sadly, this isn't the first time a violent situation has taken place outside the Clubhouse Music Venue as a stabbing occurred in the parking lot in 2009.

Twitter exploded with tweets regarding the shooting incident, including a message from local hip-hop fan Edgar Campos who tweeted about the chaos that resulted from the gunfire. "Guess he [Nipsey Hussle] ain't coming back to az no more but what had me tripping was there was so many heels on the pavement and sidewalk tho."

In the wake of the shooting, Hussle never appeared on stage for his headlining performance and instead tweeted the following: "AZ....y'all gotta be cool man. This shit ain't rite."

Stay tuned to Up on the Sun for more info on the investigation as it develops.

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