Taylor Swift - Arena, Glendale - 5/28/2013

Taylor Swift (See the complete slideshow here.) Arena, Glendale
May 28, 2013

First, you'll notice the makeup -- you'll notice, more generally, the feeling of being underdressed in the company of 9-year-olds. All around Westgate, which feels itself like a mock downtown, a big occasion to play-act at sophistication, you'll notice 9- to 13-year-old girls standing up straight (even though they're taller than their older brothers), and making small talk and eye contact, and buying concessions with borrowed credit cards. Being polite, but adult-polite, totally composed, charming, weirdly.

Then you'll notice the signs. They're covered in marker and LED lights; they mention every single and a couple of deep cuts. And when her set actually starts, they're waved from every part of Arena by very patient (and secretly very happy) moms.

Then there's the screaming and the glitter. "There might be glitter on your seat," the nearest mom told me, when I sat down. Fair enough: There was glitter everywhere. It was a Taylor Swift show.

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Dan Moore