The Holy Coast Debuts Earnest Glitch Folk Single

Just how many side project pairings can Sister Cities come up with?

I'm not good with math, but I have a feeling they're approaching max capacity - if not in arithmetic, then definitely with their own free time. Drummer Keith Walker has Being Cool is Lonely, his sexed-up electronic side gig with fashionista Tiffe Fermaint. Bassist Spike Brendle slaps it for PALMS in his spare time. Ana Barraza launched her own solo gig in Seacat and now, lead vocalist Brett Davis recently unveiled the first single for The Holy Coast, his own side project with Walker.

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This is getting confusing.

The new single, "Make Room," is a dreamy, simplistic tune of love soon to be lost combining Davis' heartfelt vocals and a touch of Walker's affinity for synths. The duo plans to release an EP in February, but "may appear sooner," Walker says.

You can catch the entire Sister Cities lineup (minus The Holy Coast), together and in their respective side projects at Sail Inn on Saturday, January 5 with support from Therapist.

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