Tumblr of the Week: Analog Society

Tumblr of the Week: Analog Society

If electronic dance rock from Arizona is your thing, then you need to know about Analog Society.

Analog Society was one of the bands that was in the running to be the opening act at this year's Fall Frenzy. They're a five-piece local band with a cool rocker chick and they're worth a listen, which is why this week we're bringing you Analog Society Music.

More on what's awesome about this week's Tumblr of the Week after the jump...

What we love most about Analog Society's Tumblr is the wealth of live footage from recent performances. We're also diggin' all of the links the band offers so that you can learn more about them and hear them play.

Featured on Analog Society Music is an interview with Driving With Gass, a preview of a new track called "Brightest Star," free song downloads, and more.

Plus the band has been featured on The Hunt, a website full of music from local Arizona artists, and supports the site and the other artists on it as well.

Check out this video of the group performing their song "Lose Control" at Long Wong's:

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