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Upset About The Election? Listen to These Anti-Trump Songs

The 30 Days, 50 Songs project was supposed to help elect Hillary Clinton.

Dave Eggers, the mastermind behind McSweeney's, had the idea to reach out to left-leaning musicians and have them record a protest song and released them once a day leading up to the election we just had last night. Bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Franz Ferdinand, Jim James participated, so it wasn't exactly filled with musical lightweights.

Obviously, the project failed to stop a Donald Trump presidency. Half the country awoke today elated at the prospect of "draining the swamp" and repudiating elites; the other half is spiraling in a pit of despair, wondering how Trump plans to follow through on his threats against immigrants, racial minorities, the press, and his political opponents.

For that latter group of people, this playlist still exists. The project grew to include 49 songs, and like any collection of 49 songs, some are better than others. But if you need something to drain the dread from your mind and perhaps work towards undoing the knot of anxiety in your stomach, perhaps these songs can be a musical salve of sorts. For the rest of you, Ted Nugent will probably come out with a song soon, so there's always that.

And if you want something more angry and less pensive about the election results, try a little YG.

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