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Meet Amy's Baking Company's New PR Guy: Big-Haired, Big-Mouthed Jason Rose

It was inevitable that Jason Rose represent Amy's Baking Company.

Who else but the guy who thought to nudge semi-senile, publicity-obsessed Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio into shilling for a restaurant called Pink Taco? The flack who bent campaign sign laws to get his sushi-slinging client publicity? The man who got himself fired by the Special Olympics for making a special ed joke on Twitter?

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To put it mildly, Rose specializes in damage control -- especially when the situation is nuclear. He's been having trouble finding big-name clients quiet lately, hooking up with his lawyer-wife to push everything from solar panels to medical marijuana. His last high-profile client we can think of was then-Mayor Phil Gordon, who hired Rose after finding himself in a compromising position with a campaign staffer.

When the dirtiest scandals break in town -- or when the dirtiest politicians and businesses need representation -- Rose is the first ambulance chaser on the scene. In a Maserati.

He does tend to get even the most distasteful job done, and even when he doesn't, it's always an entertaining ride. Put on your seat belts, ABC watchers. Chow Bella predicts that this trip has just begun.

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