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Singer Roger Clyne's New Mexican Moonshine Coming to Arizona

Ah... celebrities and their alcohols. We're not talking about Mel Gilson's booze-fueled tirades, Lindsay Lohan's rehab revolving door or The Hoff's pathetic drunken burger binge in front of his kid. Following in the footsteps of Danny DeVito, Marilyn Manson and Dan Aykroyd, local musician Roger Clyne of Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers is the latest in a line of celebrities launching their own alcohol brands long past their career's peak.

Clyne's booze of choice is tequila -- not surprising, given the lyrics to one of his most famous tunes:  

"I got a healin' home-brewed remedy,
a low-brow therapy
And a high time
It's surreal, sublime, manmade and divine
It's the moonshine....

After a decade of singing about "Mexican Moonshine," Clyne launched his own tequila label earlier this year. What's the name of this fine brew, you ask? Roger Clyne's Mexican Moonshine, of course. Groan.

Clyne's 100% blue agave Reposada premium tequila will be distributed into Arizona by Alliance Beverage Company this September. Until then, you'll have to hoof it down to a cantina or liquor store in Rocky Point (find the list HERE) if you want to get anywhere near the triple-distilled spirit. Once there, you'll have to imbibe your Mexican Moonshine across the border or whittle your supply down to a mere liter before you come back into the U.S. 

Hard to tell if this'll be a worthwhile drink, but considering Clyne's local hero status we're guessing it'll fly off the shelves. Plus if it's a total flop, the band can always change their name to Roger Clyne & The Pissmakers.   

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