Songbird Coffee & Tea House to Relocate Next Year

Rumors about the possible closure of Songbird Coffee & Tea House have been flying around for a while now. The Roosevelt Row coffee shop has been located inside the monOrchid gallery for the past two years.

Now, owners Jonathan and Erin Carroll have announced their plans for the future. The coffee and tea house will close at 214 East Roosevelt Street next year and relocate to a new space in the same neighborhood.

"The running joke is that we're moving far away . . . one-tenth of a mile south of our current location," writes Jonathan in an e-mail.

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The new Songbird Coffee & Tea House will be at 812 North Third Street, about a tenth of a mile south of the current location. According to the owners, the house was built in 1904 and features original hardwood floors and a front porch and patio for outdoor seating.

"Our number one priority was to maintain our clientele and by relocating only tenth of a mile south, we'll be able to do that," Jonathan writes.

The decision to relocate stems from a few causes, according to a blog the owners posted on the Songbird Coffee website. The motivations, according to the owners, include difficulties with the current landlord, limited parking, and a desire to expand.

The lease on the current space ends in March, so Songbird fans can expect the coffeehouse to close mid-March to relocate.

For more information, keep an eye on the Songbird Coffee & Tea House Facebook and website.

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