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It's finally here: Our 2024 list of the Top 100 Phoenix Restaurants

Metro Phoenix is filled with more exceptional eateries than ever, and 30 new restaurants have joined the best of the best.
The newly updated list is here. Dig in.
The newly updated list is here. Dig in. Emma Randall
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Picking the 100 best restaurants in metro Phoenix is no easy task. This is partially due to the Valley's sheer size, but also because these sprawling streets are packed with exceptional spots to grab a bite.

But we've done it. And we do it every year. Our 2024 list of the Top 100 Restaurants in Phoenix is now live. Be sure to bookmark this list so you can refer to it all year long.

Across the metroplex, top chefs churn out marvelous meals and home cooks turned restaurateurs share family recipes worth writing home about. There are amazing meals waiting to be ordered in almost every strip mall in this desert town.

The small but mighty Phoenix New Times food team set out once again, traveling from Peoria to east Mesa, to conduct some terrifically tasty research and seek out the very best the metro Phoenix food scene has to offer.

Many spots remain at the top of their game, earning themselves a place on the list for multiple years running.

But each year, we find a combination of newcomers that hit the ground running and places that have been around a while but deserve a little recognition. This year, 30 restaurants have joined the pack.
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