The Root Salon

It's nothing new for a hair salon to put art on the wall. But don't be mistaken. These folks don't know just hair. The Root Salon actually doubles as a real art gallery — with works that are so compelling, you might just shell out an extra couple of hundred bucks to bring one home, in addition to the fee you just paid to cover your hideous gray.

A number of relatively unknown but appealing artists have cycled through the space, and with each salon appointment (not necessary — you can also walk in off the street, just to look), you're sure to see something new. Recent displays included eye-popping color photography by Bob Estrin and stunning abstract works by California artist Jan Fogel. And take note: The salon's owner is constantly on the lookout for creative visual images that may work well on that blank living room wall you've been looking to fill. Not only is the art great, but purchases are guilt-free, with the artists receiving 100 percent of all sales.


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