Beyonce Not Preggers After All

Yesterday Us Weekly reported that Beyonce and Jay-Z have a baby on the way. However, Beyonce's mother Tina Knowles shot down those rumors, according to Billboard.

TMZ has a clip of the pre-recorded Ellen show, which will air today, in which Tina denied any gorgeous kids are on the way. Tina joked, "With all the rumors, by now I should have five or six grandchildren." Way to play it off cool, Mama Knowles.

Us Weekly only cited Beyonce's sister, singer Solange Knowles, as a named source while otherwise relying on apparently unreliable insiders, half of whom didn't even actually say she is pregnant.

I was pretty excited to see how beautiful the child of the adored musical power couple was going to be. Oh well, maybe B and Jigga will have a kid in 2012.


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