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11 Must-Know Terms for Talking Oscar Red Carpet Fashion

Watching the stars walk the red carpet sometimes can be more entertaining than watching the actual award ceremony itself, if you're crazy fashion-obsessed freaks like us. If you're not and actually watching to see who wins, the red carpet can probably seem tedious and confusing. And with the Oscars slated for Sunday, March 2, maybe you're even panicking a little about how you're going to make it through the Academy Awards pre-show. But don't worry, because we've got your back.

We've broken down 11 terms you need to know to ensure that you can critique and ogle the red carpet fashion with the best of 'em. Heaven forbid you confuse a thut with an underbutt and are at a loss for words when it comes to describing Lena Dunham's inevitably bold gown choice, right?

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It Girl noun /ɪt gərl/ : Lupita Nyong'o.

Example: J-Law may be quirky and charming, but, let's be honest, everyone is going to be talking about the real It Girl at the Oscars, Lupita Nyong'o.

Über-Clash verb /ˈo͞obər klaSH/ : To mismatch a look so badly that no matter how pretty the person's shoes, outfit, hair, accessories, and makeup are, every part of the look, when put together, appears ugly.

Example: I didn't know men could über-clash at awards shows, but then I saw Mickey Rourke at the Golden Globes.

Sideboob noun /sīd bo͞ob/ : The cleavage created on the outer part of a woman's breast due to her lack of bra, often visible in backless dresses or ones with oversized armholes.

Example: Robin Wright may have won Best Actress in a TV Drama at the 2014 Golden Globes, but she also won best sideboob flash during her acceptance speech.

Hairapy noun /he(ə)rəpē/ : The state of drastically changing one's hair in order to mirror a dramatic change in one's life, often relating to the end of a relationship.

Example: We don't know what this trend of women cutting off all their hair is about, but seems like Hollywood is going through some serious hairapy.

Underbutt noun /ˈəndərbət/ : The crease between the buttocks and the thigh as well as the lower part of the butt cheek that is exposed due to the short length of some clothing.

Example: If Miley Cyrus shows up in another leotard waving her underbutt all over the place, we simply don't know what we're going to do.

Thut noun /THət/ : The result of the merging of one's thigh and butt, often caused by an excess of sitting. : The gradual flattening of the area where one's thigh and butt meet, often found on bloggers or other sedentary people.

Example: We hope the Oscars don't go too long this year, otherwise someone's going to have to figure out how to make thuts fashionable because everyone's going to have a pair.

Armpit vagina noun /ˈärmˌpit vəˈjīnə/ : The skin folds in the underarm region caused by tight clothing, often strapless dresses, that resemble women's genitals.

Example: Jennifer Lawrence may have had some serious armpit vaginas at the SAG awards, but she still looked stunning -- especially when she photo-bombed Taylor Swift.

Train Wreck noun /trān rek/ : A person who looks so terrible that he or she has transcended a normal wreck and achieved the status of a locomotive collision.

Example: Björk's swan dress at the 2001 Academy Awards was possibly the worst fashion train wreck we've ever seen, but we just couldn't look away.

Toe cleavage noun /tō ˈklēvij/ : The fleshy splits resembling a woman's cleavage between a person's toes visible in especially low-cut shoes.

Example: Toe cleavage is sideboob's super-conservative cousin.

Smokeshow noun /smōk SHō/ : An attractive woman so hot that she could very well be causing an abundance of smoke.

Example: Isla Fisher at the SAG Awards was a total smokeshow in that slinky silver dress.

Honey Badgering verb /ˈhənē ˈbajər/ : To wear whatever a person wants regardless of how he or she looks. : To give so few fucks about what others will say about one's outfit that a person adopts the attitude of a honey badger.

Example: Lena Dunham was honey badgering so hard at the Golden Globes, we actually started liking that yellow Zac Posen dress on her.

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