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Anna Dello Russo for H&M: The Good, The Great, and The Gawd That's Garish

Vogue Japan editor at large Anna Dello Russo is known for her outlandish, imaginative, and, on occasion, joke-worthy sense of fashion. Unsuprisingly, Dello Russo's accessories line for H&M is well-aligned with her personal style: bold and colorful with a heft of brash.

The 50-piece accessories collection is meant to encapsulate the experience of globe-trotting to fashion weeks around the world, and the gamut of ostentation includes two pairs of leather over-the-knee boots ($249 to $299), sunglasses ($49.95), and a bright teal suitcase embellished with gold scroll ($149).

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As is often the case with risk-taking fashion, some of it's great and some it is, well, inexcusable. Before you're forced to wrassle us over some bangles and whatnot when ADR's loot is unleashed on October 4, it's important to know what you really, really want. Let's break this down.

But, first, a fashion shower ...

The Good: Call us suckers for simplicity, but we love a well-done ballet flat. (The ballerina-style shoe bag doesn't hurt either.)

In a soft golden leather, this pair ($59.95) blends a delicate, dainty shape with a look-at-me metallic, and swaps out traditional bows for tassels -- all without reading cheap. The flats are an easy wardrobe addition to make, while still obviously a part of ADR's collection for H&M, which is heavy on gold and teal.

The Great: Gleefully we'd carry this bright turquoise clutch ($59.95) adorned with a gold-tone pup, modeled after ADR's own pooch Cucciolina, sitting atop the hinged bag's clasp and a few dangling charms that reference the editor-designer's time in Japan. Certainly, it's more daring than the flats. But rejecting all things milquetoast is crucial to this collection.

The Garish: We can't say we weren't expecting a balls-out crazy hat in this line (after all, Dello Russo is renowned for her kooky headwear), but there's no way we could've predicted the existence of this peacocky headdress ($149). If perchance you disagree with our assessment that this feathered fascinator is gaudy, unwearable, and, worst of all, not even fun, we'd ask that you attempt a defense of it.

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