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Chuck Palahniuk Says James Franco Will Likely Star in Film Adaptation of Rant

Since news broke last month that James Franco had optioned author Chuck Palahniuk's novel Rant for the big screen, there has been a lot of speculation over whether Franco will act, direct, and/or produce the film.

It looks like fans finally have a (likely) answer.

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"I think James Franco will end up playing the lead, not directing or producing Rant," Palahniuk says.

Two of Palahniuk's novels have already been turned into films, Fight Club and Choke, while the author says another two, Lullaby and Survivor, will likely soon be on their way.

Palahniuk will be in the Valley for a stop on his Beautiful You book tour stop on October 23, we'll have more coverage on the event in upcoming weeks.

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