All he wants to do is spread Christmas cheer
All he wants to do is spread Christmas cheer

Alice Cooper's A Taste of Christmas Pudding Features Bevy of Local Acts

Phoenix is lucky to have Alice Cooper. While the shock rock artist has steadily become cheesier over the years and seems to spend just as much time on the golf course as he does in the studio, he's still one of the most recognizable Valley faces to longtime music lovers across the nation.

The man behind the annual "Christmas Pudding" charity concert gave other local artists a chance to shine on his current A Taste of Christmas Pudding compilation album. The disc features Valley bands with a variety of sounds, who sing both Christmas cover songs and original holiday tunes.

This is the fourth year the compilation's been released, and this time around, bands such as The Dorsets, Prehistoric Steamroller and Flying Standby made the cut. Cooper's son, Dash, is featured on the album with his band Runaway Phoenix, and the winner of last year's "Proof Is in the Pudding" contest, No Longer Together, is also on the disc. Proof Is in the Pudding gives local bands an opportunity to play onstage during the main concert, which will take place at Dodge Theatre, Friday, December 18.

The album's available at all Zia Records locations, and proceeds benefit Solid Rock Foundation, a nonprofit started by Cooper benefiting Valley teens. Here's a track list:

1. Runaway Phoenix "Ride On Down"
2. No Longer Together "Silver Bells"
3. The Dorsets "Back Door Santa"
4. Prehistoric Steamroller "Keep The Spirit Alive"
5. Secondary Truth "Little Drummer Boy"
6. The Skacas "The Christmas Song"
7. Ray Mill "What Child Is This"
8. Lustmord "Carol Of The Bells"
9. Flying Standby "Christmas In The Desert"
10 .Lisa Savidge "Coming Home"


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