AZ Country USA in Mesa Closes Its Doors

It looks like AZ Country USA has ridden off into the sunset.

The proprietors of the cowboy-themed bar and nightclub in Mesa posted a message on its Facebook page last week stating that the establishment has closed after only a mere four months of existence.

"To EVERYONE I am sorry to say AZ Country USA is shutting it's doors," the message read. "We would like to thank you for all your business and support."

We'll have to check our archives to be sure, but we're pretty sure that the joint has set a record for the shortest lifespan of any local bar or club.

AZ Country USA launched back in July from the ashes of Julio César Chávez Campeones, a Latino sports bar and restaurant that was co-owned by the renowned boxing champion. Brian Weymouth, one of the founders of Alice Cooperstown in downtown Phoenix, was a partner in both endeavors and created AZ Country after Julio César's shut down in June.

According to the Arizona Republic, Weymouth claimed that the Hispanic-oriented Campeones suffered from both "financial mismanagement" and a lack of business due to the negative effects of SB 1070.

There hasn't been any word about what caused AZ Country USA's untimely passing, although its relatively close proximity to Toby Keith's I Love The Bar has been cited as a possible cause. Like Keith's joint, AZ Country was near a major freeway and featured live music from local western bands on the weekends, but apparently that wasn't enough to keep the place afloat.

Via con dios, AZ Country USA.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.