Igor and the Red Elvises Rock With Spirit and SoulEXPAND
Julie Delisle

Igor and the Red Elvises Rock With Spirit and Soul

The next time you find yourself scouring for questions for a ’90s-themed TV trivia night, we’ve got one question you can slip into the mix. See if anyone can tell you the name of the rock band that fuses multiple styles, and that made an appearance on one of the decade’s most popular shows, Melrose Place. They’ll get the point if they answer Igor and the Red Elvises.

That was in 1998; the band formed just a few years prior to that, when two Russians living in California — Igor Yuzov and Oleg Bernov — met at a peace march. They added more members to their musical crew, and started creating their zesty blend of surf rock that incorporates rockabilly, funk, disco, and folk. Their songs are pretty spirited, no matter which style is more at the fore.

Songs like “Twist Like Uma Thurman” from their 2008 release Drinking with Jesus, embody the spirit of ’50s party rock. “We Got the Groove” from 2000’s Shake Your Pelvis is a tune that brings the vibe of ’70s acts like Con Funk Shun to mind. More than two decades and their party train is still rolling, about to make a stop in Phoenix. Be ready to shake it; they make it way too hard to shoegaze.

Igor and the Red Elvises perform Tuesday, June 19, At The Rhythm Room. Visit ticketfly.com.

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