Jimmy Eat World Singer, Phunk Junkeez Play Crescent Ballroom to Benefit a Friend and Heart Transplant Patient

The surprisingly rural Arizona tour Jimmy Eat World announced on Wednesday left a lot of Phoenix-based fans planning a trip to Wickenburg, but as it turns out, there's one chance left this month to not only see lead singer Jim Adkins at Crescent Ballroom but also feel good about yourself for doing it. It's a benefit concert called We Got The Beat!, and it also features a one-night-only reunion appearance from Arizona's own Phunk Junkeez.

More: Jimmy Eat World tour reaches everywhere but Phoenix and Tucson.

The show will benefit daughter-of-friend-of-the-Phunk-Junkeez Kylee Geretti, who spent more than 40 days in the ICU after heart problems left her on life support and in immediate need of a transplant.

She finally got her heart transplant on March 15, but the medical bills are exactly as stiff as you'd expect -- which is where it comes in handy to have local music heroes for friends. All proceeds from the show will go to cover her expenses.

On Wednesday, April 17, then, everybody wins: You get to see Jim Adkins and the Phunk Junkeez for $20 or so, Kylee Geretti gets to enjoy her new heart, and nobody has to drive to Wickenburg. (Although I'm actually pretty excited about driving to Wickenburg, personally.)

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