Ke$ha Creates Major WTF Moments on Saturday Night Live

In case you were at Coachella this past weekend, or don't watch SNL any more because it's lost all its humor, here are two delightful (gag) performances by trashy singer Ke$ha that would make even Ashlee Simpson cringe. They are so incredibly awkward, they might actually make you feel sorry for the girl, whose performance skills really need some polishing before she goes on such a legendary show.

In the first, for the song "Your Love Is My Drug," Ke$ha dons paint that glows in the dark, creating a visage that's even more unattractive than her usually unwashed face is. The feathery headdress fan also wears some weird feathers on her back.

There are several cringe-worthy moments in the video. Every time she tries to hit a high note, it's a disaster. And then, toward the end of the song, she asks the audience if they want to make out. NO ONE ANSWERS. When a record-setting singer (if you can call her that) can't even get a single person in New York City to smooch her, that is very sad.

Watch this, and be prepared to laugh...or cry.

In the second song, her hit single "Tik Tok," Ke$ha wears a really, really weird American flag cape type thing, and before she even gets into the first verse, her face shows just how nervous and silly she herself feels.

What the United States of America has anything to do with the song isn't clear (maybe it's referring to our freedom to party as much as we want?), but all it seems like is Ke$ha is disgracing our music industry by showing how easy it is for a girl with little vocal talent to be such a big hit.

Her band and dancers wear astronaut costumes, which is puzzling until Ke$ha asks, "Did anyone stop to think maybe we are the aliens?" Why, no, Ke$ha, but now your whole performance makes sense.


Her dancing is literally robotic, and at the end of the track, she keeps her hands up during the applause and smiles like she wants to run off stage. Wish you would have done that before you started singing, hun.

Witness the trainwreck below. It's only more proof that not only has SNL lost its touch comedically, the show also needs to hire a new booking agent for the musical acts.

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