Lamb of God Controversy: Tempe Metal Band TOAD Sounds Off

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The arrest and detention of Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe in the Czech Republic has held the attention of metal fans since his arrest on June, 27.

Held in a purported connection to the death of a fan in Prague in 2010, Blythe's bail is set at about $400,000 (in U.S. currency) and his detention in the Czech Republic has garnered reactions from metal figureheads like Tom Araya of Slayer and GWAR.

Now, Nate Garrett, guitarist of Tempe-based blackened metal band TOAD, has weighed in an interview with fanzine SkullsnBones.

"It's a shame the kid died but it's his fucking fault. Learn how to bust your ass falling off a stage without dying, it's easy," Garrett said in the interview, posted on Tuesday, July 17.

"We tend to let the people at our shows participate however they see fit," he continues. "If it interferes with or detracts from another person's experience, that's where the problem arises."

He goes on to say that TOAD prefers to injure each other, not audience members, but ultimately puts the responsibility of crowd surfers on the individuals themselves:

"The moment members of the crowd decide to get on a stage, whatever happens to them is their responsibility, period. We encourage crowd participation, release of aggression, and violence at our shows. At the same time, when you participate in the experience by stage diving, crowd surfing, or even being in the front row for that matter, anything that happens to you is because of a decision you made. It's a shame the kid died but it's his fucking fault. Learn how to bust your ass falling off a stage without dying, it's easy."

Visit SkullsnBones read the interview, along with reactions from Nachtmystium, Cattle Decapitation, 3 Inches of Blood, and more about the Randy Blythe case.

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