Local Punk Band "Die Ignorant" Has Car Wash Fundraiser At Applebee's

Touring is expensive, what with gas prices so high and all. Tempe punk band Die Ignorant has one answer to the high start-up costs, a car wash fundraiser at a local Applebee's this Saturday. "If we don't make close to 700 dollars we have to kiss the tour bye bye," the bands says on its Facebook page.

No, we are not making this up.... I sorta wish someone was, though.

The AZ Punk.com-approved band behind such songs as "Killing All The Kids" and "Five Finger Discount" will wash cars at the corner of Rural and Broadway between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. in order to raise money for their tour with Hunington Beach's Guttermouth.

Perhaps I'm old-fashioned, but whatever happened to the days when bands played shows to raise money for tours, instead of resorting to direct competition with the McClintock High girls volleyball team? Also, what kind of punk band puts the Applebee's logo on its fliers? Are any local punk kids appalled by this or is it just the next phase of the DIY movement? Do Mohawks and cheap mozzerella sticks really belong together?

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