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Your ultimate guide to Madonna's Phoenix stop on the Celebration Tour

The Celebration Tour is finally coming to Phoenix. Here's what you need to know.
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Madonna will finally bring her Celebration Tour to Footprint Center on Saturday, March 16, and it's been quite a ride getting here.

The pop icon announced her world tour all the way back in January 2023. At the time, Phoenix was scheduled for a July 2023 concert. Not too long after, we got a second date in January 2024.

In June 2023, Madonna was forced to reschedule a number of concert dates after she was hospitalized with a bacterial infection, and the summer show in Phoenix was off the table.

Next, she announced that Phoenix's July 2023 concert would be rescheduled for March 16, 2024, but the January 2024 date was canceled to allow her to reschedule other shows.

So here we are, ready to watch the 65-year-old singer celebrate 40 years of hits.

Here's everything you need to know if you're planning to see Madonna in Phoenix this weekend.

When is the Madonna concert?

Madonna is scheduled to perform at Footprint Center on Saturday, March 16.

Can I still buy tickets?

Some very pricey standard admission tickets are still available, as is a better selection of slightly less expensive tickets from resellers.

When does the concert start?

Doors open at 7:30 p.m, and the show is scheduled to start at 8:30 p.m. Bob the Drag Queen is the opening act.

That said, Madonna has been notorious on this tour for going onstage hours after the posted start time. In fact, two ticketholders in New York City actually sued the singer for the late start. Be prepared to wait.

Where is Footprint Center and how do I get there?

Footprint Center is located at 201 E. Jefferson St. in downtown Phoenix. The closest freeway exits off Interstate 10 are Washington Street/Jefferson Street or Seventh Street.

Can I take Valley Metro Rail to Footprint Center?

Yes. Ticketholders can ride Valley Metro Rail trains for free up to four hours before the event and up until midnight. An eastbound rail station is located at Third and Jefferson streets and a westbound station is at Third and Washington streets.

Where can I park?

You can park in the adjacent parking structure at First and Madison streets, but there are many other parking lots and structures within a 10-minute walk of the venue, each with varying fees. For additional questions, call the parking hotline at 602-514-8472.

Where can I hang out before and after the show?

Downtown Phoenix has a bevy of restaurants, bars and clubs to choose from. Take a peek at our downtown dining guide to see what your options are.

What other Madonna-related events are happening around Phoenix that night?

If you love the Material Girl but aren't going to the show, you can justify your love for her at Crescent Ballroom's Madonna Extravaganza on Saturday night. The 21-and-over event includes a performance by metal tribute band Metaldonna at 9 p.m., a dance party with DJ Robbie at 10 p.m. and karaoke in the lounge at midnight. Costumes are encouraged. Cost is $10.

What is the bag policy at Footprint Center?

No backpacks or large purses are allowed. Small purses and fanny packs will be searched.

How can I pay for things at the concert?

Footprint Center is a cashless venue. If you want food or drinks, bring a credit or debit card. Footprint Center also offers reverse ATMs near the Ticket Office or Section 218 that will convert cash into a preloaded Mastercard.

What can I expect at security?

From the Ticketmaster website: "New security procedures have been implemented at Footprint Center. ... Every individual entering the arena will be subject to search."
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