The Lucky Devil in Tempe Closes for Business

Welcome back from vacation, ASU students. Now that the hellish first week of the fall semester is just about done, you're probably in the mood to down a few Jäger bombs and maybe even a pint or three at any of the alcoholic emporiums near campus.

Before taking your fake IDs for a spin down Mill Avenue, we should apprise you of some of the gin joints that kicked the bucket over the long hot summer. The Library Bar & Grill (a.k.a. the place with the schoolgirl waitresses) went dark right around Memorial Day, followed by Sucker Punch Sally's (a.k.a. the place with the tattooed waitresses) only days later.

There's one more casualty to add to the list, as The Lucky Devil (a.k.a. the place with the plaster cow) went teats up within the last two weeks.

The Tempe tavern, tucked away in the tiny strip-mall at Apache Boulevard and Terrace Road, made its swan song on August 6. A message from the bar's proprietors on its Facebook page on Monday morning confirmed this fact.

"Thanks to everyone for being a friend of the lucky devil, if you do not know, we have closed down," the message read. "Thanks to all of you for making this a wonderful time for us there. Hope to see all of you around."

The Lucky Devil wasn't the first alcoholic enterprise to occupy the space, as a few dives and brewpubs have come and gone over the years. Back in the early aughts, it was known as a music called Mustang Sally's, followed by a stint as just "The Bar" before adopting its latest identity in 2007.

And although it was just one of many frat-shacks and college bars littering the neighborhoods surrounding ASU, the Lucky Devil had a few memorable aspects that set it apart from the rest: There was the "Shotski," consisting of three different drams of liquor arranged in a row on a large water ski (allowing you and two friends to slam a shot simultaneously), as well as its weekly karaoke nights on Thursday and Saturday that were a bit more raucous than other joints. (Plus, it had the aforementioned plaster statue of a cow situated on its stage, which supposedly was swiped from some local nativity scene.)

Other than its Facebook farewell, there was no indication as to why Lucky Devil went under, which leaves us to believe it was felled by a lack of business.

Shame they couldn't hold on just a few more weeks until the college crowd came back. Guess they just ran outta, er...luck.

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