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Todd Walsh, What Are You Listening To?

Todd Walsh

Walsh is FOX Sports Arizona's host for Phoenix Coyotes hockey and Arizona Diamondbacks baseball.

When you put your key in the ignition and turn on the radio, what station would play right now? Depends. Sirius '80s on 8, or Pearl Jam radio on Sirius.

What's the first album you bought? My older brother made me loan him 10 dollars for Let it Be. So, I claimed ownership. The Partridge Family debut album (The Partridge Family Album) was probably the first. I still own it.

What's the first concert you saw? Jan and Dean. The made-for-TV movie (biopic Deadman's Curve) came out, they went on tour, and I was sucked in. I have more than made up for that gaffe.

What's your favorite concert you've ever been to? Hmmm. That's not fair. Neil Young Bridge School concerts are breathtaking. Peter Gabriel at America West Arena (now US Airways Center) was mind boggling. INXS at Desert Sky (Pavilion, now Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion) was just plain sexy. The Call playing our KDKB Doghouse for a Coyotes game was a dream come true. But it's the "big three" for me: The Tragically Hip, back-to-back nights, concluding a tour at Maple Leaf Gardens (in Toronto) was as good as it gets. Pearl Jam back-to-back nights at Mesa Amphitheatre was unreal. And U2 back-to-back, for the filming of Rattle and Hum at Sun Devil Stadium remains the ultimate memory. Nothing will ever compare to the conclusion of The Joshua Tree tour in December of 1987.

What's the last song played on your music player? "WOLD" by Harry Chapin. Miss him.

Preferred format: CD, vinyl, cassette, 8-Track or digital? Albums when they were made for tracking sides.

What's your favorite album? The Joshua Tree.

Who is your favorite singer or band? Hahaha. U2PearlJamTheTragicallyHipNeilYoungPeterGabrielTheCallTheFixxINXSTheWho. Maybe you have heard of them?

Does your computer track how many times you've played something -- if so, what's at the top of the list? Benny Mardones, "Into the Night." Long story.

What was your favorite new or new-to-you album from 2011? Does Pearl Jam 20 count?

What one song would you play if you had a world-wide radio audience? "Imagine," (by John Lennon), is obvious. "I Still Believe" by The Call and "Magnificent" by U2, because it would be a "triple shot" of positive energy.

Who is your favorite local artist? The Pistoleros.

What is your favorite local venue to see music? Used to be Gibson's and Edsel's Attic. Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion (in the winter.) Jobing.Com Arena has great acoustics, and there isn't a bad seat in the house.

What is your favorite music video? "A Sort of Homecoming" by U2.

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