X-Men Origins: Wolverine Premiere Coming to Tempe Marketplace

Phoenix fans of the claw-sprouting bundle of anger that is


can rejoice. Fox has announced that the world premiere of

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

will happen on Monday, April 27 at Harkins

Tempe Marketplace


Yes, the world premiere of one of the biggest movies of the summer is happening in Tempe, as the theater won a contest sponsored by Fox.

"This will be a huge event for Tempe and the entire Valley as all eyes of the entertainment and media world will be on Tempe Marketplace one week from tonight," says Bryan Laurel, the theater's marketing director. "Within two days of the beginning our 'vote 85281' campaign, Tempe went from nowhere to being number eight nationally. A few days later, we found ourselves at number three. Then, due to your help, we found ourselves at number one where we held strong through the end of the voting this past Friday night.

I truly appreciate your support and participation and look forward to the excitement that this event will bring to the Valley."

There's no information about tickets out just yet. When Fox releases that information we'll pass it to you.

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