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Gallo Blanco at The Clarendon Hotel to Close at the End of the Week

As much as we wished that the rumors surrounding the closure of Gallo Blanco at The Clarendon Hotel were part of a cruel joke, owners Doug and Denise Robson announced on Facebook on Saturday that the restaurant will, in fact, close at the end of the month.

The post on the Gallo Blanco Facebook confirmed that the owners will part ways with the hotel and its operator at the end of the week, but according to Clarendon owner Ben Bethel, the restaurant will be open on February 1 and will serve "a very similar, yet refined menu."

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According to the Gallo Blanco Facebook post, the restaurant's closure results from the Robsons' decision to "part ways with The Clarendon Hotel and its operators." Final details of the split are getting ironed out, but the restaurant will stop operations as of January 31, according to the post.

Bethel, in a post on his own Facebook, says the restaurant will keep the same employees and design but will have a new interim operator to oversee the transition. The restaurant's new name hasn't been announced, but the menu will be "very similar" to what's been served at Gallo Blanco.

Bethel also mentions plans to improve the beer and cocktail selections, offer "gourmet coffee drinks," open early for breakfast, and extend the bar hours to 2 a.m. every night.

Since 2009, Gallo has been a popular neighborhood spot as well as a stylish and affordable destination for those seeking Mexican eats or perhaps a poolside prickly pear margarita. Chef Robson, a native of Mexico City, has won recognition for simple but thoughtfully prepared dishes such as street-style elote, marinated pork cochinita, and crepas con cajeta.

Robson also owns Otro Cafe, located at 6035 North Seventh Street. Though that restaurant serves a similar menu to Gallo Blanco, it offers a slightly more elevated experience than its sister spot.

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