Il Vinaio Partners with Desert Eagle on Beer-and-Doughnuts Pairing

The only thing that could make this event any better would be if it were held in the morning. Kidding. Sort of. Seriously, a beer and doughnut pairing? Genius.

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Il Vinaio will pair homemade donuts and Desert Eagle Brewing Company's craft beers on June 29 at the restaurant's downtown Mesa location.

The event, which takes place every three months or so, will run from 2 to 5 p.m and seats are limited.

Each guest will get four half-pints of beer and four doughnut pairings.

This month's pairings includes Black Cherry Blonde beer with a vanilla frosted doughnut; Deviant Dunkel beer with spiced cake doughnut with banana custard; Buzz Bomb IPA with Parmesan marshmallow beignet; and Black Talon Russian Imperial Stout with raspberry bacon fritter.

Each event rotates brewing companies and donuts (all made by Il Vinaio). The price is $16 per person for the event and reservations are required. To reserve a spot, call 480-649-6476.

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Chelsa Thomas