Latte Art Throwdown July 18 at Press Coffee Roasters

Are your artistic tools foam and espresso rather than paint and brush? Listen up. Press Coffee Roasters and Cartel Coffee Lab are teaming up to host a latte art competition.

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The event will be held at 6:45 p.m. Thursday, July 18, at Press Coffee Roasters roastery. It's $5 to sign up to compete and free to watch. The throwdown will include many baristas from different coffee shops around Phoenix.

Free BBQ and beer will be provided for the audience; donations are requested.

The first-place winner will receive 70 percent of the signup fee for the event, second place will receive 30 percent of the fee, and third place will get their money back. All three winners will get a special blend of coffee from Press Coffee Roasters and a blend from Cartel Coffee Lab as well.

Press Coffee Roasters has been encouraging artists to use the hashtag #phxtnt to show off their skills before the competition as well as posting their own work on the coffeehouse's Facebook page. Cartel Coffee Lab has also been promoting the event by posting their own latte art on their Facebook page as well.

Reservations to compete are not required so latte artists can sign up upon arriving at the throwdown.

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Chelsa Thomas