Jobot Coffee now open on 5th just south of Roosevelt
Jobot Coffee now open on 5th just south of Roosevelt

Opened and Closed Restaurant Roundup

Holy cow it's November already?! Here is your roundup of all the new restaurants that joined our fair city in the month of October and a couple we had to say goodbye to. 

Jobot Coffee, Downtown
Chaka Chaka, Downtown
Fresh Gourmet to Go, Downtown
Los Taquitos Mexican Grill, Phoenix
Beckett's Table, Arcadia
Over Easy,  Arcadia ( New Location)
Black Forest Haus, Arcadia
Jimmy Woo's, Old Town Scottsdale
The House at Secret Garden, South Phoenix
The Hungry Monk, Chandler
DC Steakhouse, Chandler
Cutie's, Tempe
Mandalay Noodle World, Tempe
Canteen Modern Tequila Bar, Tempe
DiVerti Bar & Grill, Tempe

Get the bad news after the jump.

Restaurants that Closed in October
My Florist Cafe, Phoenix
Fenix Eatery & Bar, Phoenix
El Penasco, Tempe

If you know of a restaurant that has closed or one that we missed that has opened, let us know by leaving us a message in the comments section.

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