Super Chunk Sweets and Treats Is Making Courtesan Au Chocolat for Valentine's Day

Whether you're a Wes Anderson fan or not, chances are good that by now you've heard about the director's most recent movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. After all, it did get a whole slew of Oscar nominations last month, including in the Best Picture, Directing, and Writing (Original Screenplay) categories.

If you've seen the movie, then you should recognize the dessert above as Courtesan au Chocolat, the signature offering of the fictional Mendl's bakery featured in the film. And while you can only dream about waking up inside the visually stunning and whimsical world of The Grand Budapest Hotel, you can actually enjoy this dessert in real life.

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For Valentine's Day, Super Chunk Sweets and Treats in Scottsdale will be taking orders for Courtesan au Chocolat. Each dessert will cost $6.

We've already gone in the kitchen with pastry chef Country Velador to see the whole process, and we can promise that it's no easy feat. Threes chocolate ganache-filled cream puff make up the base of the dessert, which are then individually iced and stacked -- with only vanilla buttercream as glue.

The Scottsdale sweet shop will also be offering miniature cakes (3-inches) and pies for Valentine's Day this year. Flavor options include an Aphrodisiac Cake made with black cocoa cake, pomegranate and white chocolate mousee, and rum soaked figs; Passion Fruit Lemon Cake; and Coffee Toffee Cake made with butterscotch pudding and coffee toffee crumbs. Miniature cakes cost $5-6 each.

Super Chunk will also have an assortment of heart-shaped gum drops available in the following flavors: passion fruit with lavender sugar, port cherry wtih rose cognac sugar, and strawberry yuzu with lemon bergamot sugar. A box of 12 costs $15.

Valentine's Day orders must be placed by Sunday, February 8. Orders will be available for pick up on Friday, February 13 from noon to 6 p.m. or on Saturday, February 14 from noon to 6 p.m. To order visit Super Chunk Sweets and Treats in Scottsdale or call 602-736-2383.

For more information check the Super Chunk Sweets and Treats Facebook.

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