49-cent chili is a steal.
49-cent chili is a steal.

Tom's Tavern Celebrates 80 Years With Depression Specials

Not too many places have weathered 80 years in the Valley. The Orpheum Theatre. The Hayden Flour Mill in downtown Tempe. And Tom's Restaurant & Tavern, the ubiquitous downtown hangout that was once a pool hall and the city morgue. In celebration of the joint's 80th birthday, owner Michael Ratner is offering Depression Specials through Friday, December 11.

  • Score a cup of Tom's original chili for just 49 cents -- the price you would've paid back in 1929.

  • Head by at 3 p.m. daily for a free slice of Tom's "birthday" cake and complimentary coffee or soft drink.

If you haven't been to Tom's, it really is a slice of Arizona history. The walls are covered with fun memorabilia from the restaurant's pool hall days, and there's even a Wall of Fame with pics of celebs who have been in the Tavern, from late actor George Burns to Sheriff Joe.

According to Ratner, a pic of former Arizona governor Fyfe Symington hanging on that wall was stolen once. Ratner received a "ransom note," but the picture mysteriously reappeared shortly afterwards.

Ahh...the glory days of Phoenix.


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