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30-Second Samples of Every Track on the Strokes' Upcoming Album Now Available

Thanks to 107.7 The End posting clips on SoundCloud, you can now sample all 10 tracks on the Strokes' upcoming album Angles in 30-second snippets, according to Consequence of Sound.

The album hasn't leaked yet, but the Strokes made "You're So Right" available yesterday, making it the second song they've released from their album in addition to the single "Under Cover of Darkness."

You might notice that every track sounds like the Strokes collaborated with a different band. "Two Kinds of Happiness" sounds like they drew some inspiration from U2, and "Metabolism" sounds as if it could have been recorded with Muse.

You can read more about the album in our review. Hopefully 30 seconds of each song is enough to hold you over until the release of Angles on March 22. That's assuming it doesn't leak first.

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