Amplified Amore at RockNRollDating.com

By Niki D’Andrea

There are a lot of crappy dating sites littering the Information Superhighway. With millions of users placing and browsing personals ads and inputting general, arbitrary information like “Interests,” “Politics,” and “Religion,” finding true compatibility can be an almost impossible task.

But if music is a universal language and also the language of love, then perhaps a personals site that focuses on the musical interests of its users isn’t such a bad idea.

RocknRollDating.com allows users to search for potential dates by location, interests, and music genres, and even to browse ads from fans of particular bands (in case you wanna connect with your fellow AC/DC lifers or Green Day devotees). Profiles consist of information like “All Time Best Concerts” and “My Favorite Song Lyric Is…” Registered users can post up to five photos, and the site also has a comprehensive show calendar that lists concerts all over the country.

The site was was founded by music industry veteran Daniel House (former owner of C/Z records, a Seattle-based label that released records by the Melvins, the Gits, and Built to Spill), and was just introduced in February of this year.

So far, a search of profiles for men and women aged 18-45 in the Phoenix area reveals only six registered members (four gals and two guys), into everything from H.I.M. and The Police to Seether and Porcupine Tree. But since the site is free (and different from your standard matchmaking service, in that it’s more of a social networking site where users can directly message each other), we can see it catching on pretty quickly.

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