The Impossible Ones

Anything's Possible

I was almost made a liar of back in June when I



the Impossible Ones

reuniting for the fourth time; I promised that the trio - Gentleman John, Neil Impossible, and Raubnoxious - would be playing an unannounced show sometime in the near future as well as releasing a new album. They took their goddamn time waiting to finally play a show, but a few weeks ago they hit up the Yucca and unleashed their squealing, manic punk rock on an appreciative crowd. Now they're preparing for the release of

The Impossible Ones vs. The World

, a horror-punk extravaganza that Raubnoxious debuted for me in his pickup after we'd smoked some

dirt weed

. If I'd huffed some

nitrous oxide

, maybe I'd have been able to sing along with Neil Impossible's impossibly high voice - try it out, let me know. Here's a couple songs for you:

"Stranger in Black":

"Bats in the Belfry":


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