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Flying Feathers?

For professional observers like myself, nothing quite beats witnessing a good brawl. That's why I'm issuing a call for y'all to encourage my ornithological cohort, Stephen Lemons of Feathered Bastard fame and infamy, to join in the festivities tonight at the party for's 5th birthday at BANNED in Tempe at the Stray Cat.

If you're not familiar with the antipathy betwixt Senor Lemons and the denizens of, you can relive the brawl here, here, and here. Much of it centers around the varying and vitriolic viewpoints AZPunkers have of former New Times cover girl Katie Rose (I stayed out of it; Katie's an old friend and a neighborhood homey that I often see at the liquor store). Nonetheless, the shit talking got down and dirty, and really I'd like to see it come to blows (not really, but a little shouting would be dope). So if you, like myself, would like to see Mr. Lemons in the flesh flapping his beak at the kids, just leave a comment here, and I'll make sure he sees them.

Almost forgot, Chris and Micah, 2/3 of the founding fathers of, will be on the decks, along with resident DJ Johnny Volume. And there's no cover. Happy birthday guys.

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Brendan Kelley