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Jen Deveroux's Ivy League Premieres Tonight at Disco in Old Town Scottsdale

en Deveroux is nothing if not persistent. The pixie-like party princess, who's built a reputation in the Valley for such scintillating shindigs as Kung Pao Radio and Tune in Tokyo, has spent the past two years launching dance nights in Scottsdale, only to see them eventually go kaput.

For instance, Deveroux's Mannequin night at Jackrabbit Lounge was fun while it lasted, but couldn't catch on. Ditto for Harlot at the Mondrian (now known as the Hotel Theodore), which featured the scantily-clad Sacandalesque dancers and plenty of hot beats, but ultimately got canceled.

Undaunted by these setbacks, Deveroux's hoping the third time will ultimately be the charm with Ivy League, her newest Old Town event which launches tonight at Disco.

She's pulling of tricks outta her hat for the event, including sexy go-go dancers prancing around in knee-high socks and their underwear (hence the above pic) and a crackalackin' combo of DJs - including Tricky T and Beat Mass bro Mike Dwyer -- dropping dubstep, nu-disco, and UK garage all night.

Doors open at 10 p.m. and there's no cover. Hit up Ivy League's Facebook page for more info (and naughty pictures).

If you prefer your beats to be served up poolside, Deveroux's also hosting her NIGHTswim at the nearby Hotel Theodore tomorrow night. (Peep all the details by clicking here)

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