John Legend Plays Extraordinary Show For Ordinary People at ASU

Arizona State University students couldn't seem to get enough of John Legend at his Black History Month event at Gammage Auditorium last night.

Not only did he give a fabulous 10-song performance, but before that he also delivered a beautiful loosely political speech about education and did a brief Q&A session with the crowd.

Read our full review here.

Here's what concertgoers had to say about the show:

@mirannddaa: John Legend is such an amazing speaker + performer. Truly inspiring.

@escontrias: loved John Legend tonight. Great speech, amazing voice and fine.

@BeasleyHot: John Legend concert was crackin... Talented ass dude

@w0ng: John Legend calling for investing in education to break cynical poverty at @ASU Gammage.

@TheRealJoLe: Saw John Legen Live Front Row Seats! He Is PEEEERRFFEECT live such a beautiful voice! #ASU

@ViancaN: John Legend was amazing!!!

@Veekas: The man-crush was before he started singing. Now I think it's love. ;) haha

@KatieSRinger: John Legend was awesome tonight at Gammage!

@juany_poo: Just saw John legend in concert !!!!!!! It was crazy

@PrincessShahzee: seeing @johnlegend was a milestone in my life now complete.

@LanaMarie_: @johnlegend made my day. He gave a great black history month speech and gave thee best performance. Love him!

@GoodeThought: At John legend concert! All the girls should have came equipped with shamwow and panty liners to absorb the wetness!

@ixina: John Legend was so amazing tonight, I had to hold @StephhhGuerra 's hand in order to contain myself.

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