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Puppets and Their Spawn

Elmo Kirkwood
There's been rumors flying since mid-summer that we'd soon see a reunion of the 'Nix's weirdest rock legends, Curt & Cris Kirkwood's Meat Puppets, with Primus drummer Tim Alexander joining the brothers. After years of estrangement and Cris suffering drug and a prison sentence (you may remember a certain post office assault), they hooked back up after Cris had been jamming with Curt's son Elmo. Elmo, who spent July touring around with his pops, told me about the reunion recently when he helped me push my dead overheated truck out of a busy intersection. Today he confirmed for me that the brothers are recording right now. Elmo also hooked me up with his latest recorded endeavor since his former band Broken Robot, well, broke up (soon after my column on the band appeared here). The new project, with Brian Dellinger, is called Kirkwood Dellinger (original, guys), and the record's called Beast Boy. It's got all the atmospheric weirdness you'd expect from a Kirkwood, with drum machines, keyboards, bass & guitars... check out the mp3's below and let me know what you think. Kirkwood Dellinger plays tomorrow night, 11/2, at Last Exit.

"The Legend (Pt 1 the boy)":

"The Legend (Pt 2 the beast)":

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