The Summer Set Are Every Avenue Fans, Too

Wanna know the best place in the Valley to see The Summer Set when they're not playing a show? Go to someone else's show. Earlier this month, the pop rock band, who embarks on the Vans Warped Tour Friday, June 25, checked out Boys Like Girls at Venue of Scottsdale, and at last night's Every Avenue show at Martini Ranch, The Summer Set band members were milling around supporting bands there, too. The Summer Set played with Every Avenue this spring on the AP Tour, and it looks like some bonds were made.

Some audience members were beyond starstruck and couldn't wait to Tweet their experiences after the show. Here's what went down, according to the fans, in 140 characters or less.

@dylandagan- Great seeing every avenue, there for tomorrow, and sing it loud tonight. Some of my fav people. Wish they were on warped with us. Go seethem

@whitneyleasmile- Every Avenue was amazing, but Sing It Loud stole the show :)

@candibabi- lead singer of every avenue walked by me. Heart dropped for a second lol. I think i i saw torry jasper too ?

@lindsay_samuell- O. M. G. @thejessset and @brianlogandales are here too!!! Ahhhhh!!!!! @singitloudmusic is on now. And they're killing it!!!! :D

@brianlogandales- Watching Sing It Loud at Martini Ranch. Damn I've missed these dudes.

- Rock yourself to sleep tour at martini ranch! So good to see our friends again

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