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U2 in 140 Characters or Less

How was last night's U2 show at The University of Phoenix Stadium? Well, I slaved over a review here but why take a critic's word for it when you can consult the twittersphere.

And the Twittersphere says....

cdaukas: Traffic is bad. U2 is good. Almost there.
So, yeah, that's pretty much the gist of it, though many tweets used slightly more hyperbolic language. Just in case you wanted more though here are a few other 140 character blasts from Glentucky...

iamchanelle: I just heard a preview of what heaven will sound like. Amazing night. Wow. #U2

Meghaen: U2 was fabulous. I give it two thumbs up. However, I give Global Spectrum two thumbs down for poor traffic management and parking.

anniebuentello: Reading blogs while in U2 post-concert traffic hell.

yarachica: Finally the adrenalin is simmering down...U2 and BlackEyed Peas concert tonight was REALLY great!! Night Night!

andystone87: U2. Two and a half hours. There are no words. Epic? Transcendent? Nothing seems to do it justice. I'll post the 200+ pics I took soon.

gch85353: What a night with my best friend i see now why she loves U2 ...

Axe_Puli: #U2 just performed 'The most beautiful show I have ever seen' in #UOP Stadium, #Phoenix. #LOVEU2. also #BEP weren bad at all @ #Fergie -\m/

AaronEHoward: Traffic for U2 is ridiculous! 3 miles in 25 minutes bad!

brian_clemens: U2 with @cboltman, @ctcottrell, @ttolmachoff was incredible. Great show!! Checking out international stock markets & news as we head home.

josiahoslund: Here's all my phone pics from the U2 360 show tonight:

Pcareyr: Epic concert....more of a U2 fan now after seeing greatness live! That's Bono, 20 feet in front of me.

finchcomic: U2 360 = BEST CONCERT EVER!!!!!

GwynneSullivan: I
AM SO WIPED from the U2 concert. I ran for the first time since
idunnowhen. Stood for 6 hours. wow. No better concerts than U2 though!

bisonwich: Ground Control to Major Tom: U2 has landed.

markkaech: U2.
2.5hrs of music-Amazing. Ended the show with Moment of Surrender at the
end of their SECOND encore! Loved the Zoo TV spot as well! EPIC.

samfraulino: finally home from U2 concert, great show but traffic sucked royally, took 35 min to get out of parking space.

iMan: Concert was good, but I prefer pre Rattle and Hum U2.

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